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Huntington’s Disease: An Efficacy Study of High Dose CoQ10 Formulations

Huntington’s Disease, (HD), is a genetic brain, (neurological), disease that affects both mind and body. Huntington’s Disease is characterized by an inability to control movements and ..


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ChewQ® (chewable CoQ10) & Q-Gel® (CoQ10 in a soft gel)

The patented HydroQsorb® ingredient in ChewQ®, our chewable CoQ10, is totally different from the patented Biosolv® system in Q-Gel® CoQ10 in a soft gel. However, they are both bioavailable enhanced forms of CoQ10

Both CoQ10 systems use 100% natural (all-trans) Coenzyme Q10. So, whether you choose to take QGel® or Chew Q® you will be receiving a clinically-tested, bioavailable enhanced form of CoQ10 – the final choice on which dosage form to take is yours and should be based on discussion with your local health care professional and your preference for a softgel or chewable. With both forms, we suggest that you take them with or after a meal to increase absorption even more.


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