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The bioavailability of Coenzyme Q10 supplements available in New Zealand differs markedly with Q-Gel

An article in The New Zealand Medical Journal (October 8, 2004 Vol 117 No 1203) was entitled “The bioavailability of coenzyme Q10 supplements available in New Zealand differs markedly&rdquo..


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CoQ10 as a Migraine Preventive

A recent three month open label trial of some 30 subjects with a history of episodic migraine headaches (with or without aura), resulted in the conclusion that coenzyme Q10 appeared to be a good migraine preventive. 31 of 32 patients completed the study and 61.3% of the patients had a greater than 50% reduction in the number of days with migraines.

There was a one month baseline period before the three month treatment with CoQ10 started. The average number of days with migraines during the baseline period was 7.34. This decreased to 2.95 after three months of CoQ10 therapy. The average reduction in migraine attack frequency was 13.1% after one month of treatment and increased to an average reduction in migraine attack frequency of 55.3% by the end of the three month study. The average migraine attack frequency during the one month baseline period was 4.85. The average migraine attack frequency by the end of the three month study was down to 2.81 attacks. By any measure, this is a statistically significant response.

In this open label trial, all participants knew that they were taking CoQ10. There were no side-effects noted with the use of coenzyme Q10 and its use was extremely well tolerated.

You may wish to discuss CoQ10 as a migraine preventive with your local health care professional. If you decide to do this, our senior scientist recommends a once per day daily dosage at breakfast of our Q-Gel Mega 100 mg CoQ10 product. Q-Gel is the only hydrosoluble CoQ10 supplement in the world and the only CoQ10 supplement that exhibits 100% dissolution via USP testing standards.

This study was published in Cephalalgia a medical-neurological journal in the field of headache research: Blackwell Science Ltd., Cephalalgia, 2002, 22, 137-141.


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