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Omega-3 and Alzheimer's

A study published in July 2003 in Archives of Neurology showed that people who ate Omega-3 rich fish such as salmon once a week or more had a substantially lower risk of Alzheimer's disease. In f..


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Hot Weather Product Stability

There is no doubt, that excessive long term exposure to high temperatures can be a problem with softgels. We have done extensive testing in this area.  The results: most of the softgels lost their shape and some even broke apart.  However, when we assayed the product contained within the softgels, (Q-Gel CoQ10, Liquid Calcium with Magnesium, etc.), there was no loss of potency or strength.  

However, it is highly recommended to follow the suggested storage instructions on each bottle of product to preserve quality and freshness.

The bottom line is that in very hot weather it is likely that the softgels will stick together during shipment.  If they can be gently “shaken” apart and have not broken open then there is absolutely no problem using them – even if they have lost their shape a little bit.  If they have broken apart and contents have leaked out then they should be returned for replacement.  We have a 30-Day return policy so please be sure to open your package within thirty days of receiving it.

NOTE: If you live in a very hot area you may want to consider using Phyto-Therapy's Chew Q® 100mg Chewable CoQ10 product in the hot summer months. It is bio-enhanced CoQ10 and "Hot-Weather" stable.  Please check our heart health page for more details.


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