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Alpha Lipoic Acid: Its Role in Human Health

By: Hemmi N. Bhagavan, Ph.D., F.A.C.N. Alpha-Lipoic acid is a naturally-occurring compound. It is produced in our body and is also derived from the foods we eat. Lipoic acid, also known as thi..


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Sorbitol: What is it?

Sorbitol is listed as a permitted sweetner by the FDA, and is widely used as a sweetener in diabetic foods. It is a natural sugar alcohol found in fruits such as cherries, etc. It is generally recognized as safe (GRAS), and is approved for use as a safe sugar substitute in a wide range of foods and dietetic products.

Q-Gel® contains a very small amount of Sorbitol, which is added as a Functional Humectant. When compared to the amounts used in hard candy (99%), cough drops (99%) and syrup (5% to 25%) the amount present in Q-Gel® is almost insignificant. Q-Gel® products contain on average between 30 and 60 mg of Sorbitol in the gelatin shell.


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