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The bioavailability of Coenzyme Q10 supplements available in New Zealand differs markedly with Q-Gel

An article in The New Zealand Medical Journal (October 8, 2004 Vol 117 No 1203) was entitled “The bioavailability of coenzyme Q10 supplements available in New Zealand differs markedly&rdquo..


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Steady Supply of Tishcon Multivitamins Transforms Impoverished Mississippi School

Since 1999, Tishcon Corp has donated to Vitamin Relief USA (VRUSA) a continuous stream of high quality multivitamin/minerals. Just last year Tishcon’s donation exceeded over 14 million children’s chewables. These multi’s are distributed to undernourished children through hundreds of organizations, agencies and schools across the country. After three years of receiving daily vitamins, one school in the Mississippi Delta is now on the rise.

Placed on probation by the state for low test scores, Ruleville Elementary of Ruleville, Mississippi was in serious trouble. That trouble was a direct result of the state of its student body: severely impoverished, malnourished children, most of whom had behavioral problems.

Principal Bessie Gardner wasn’t surprised at the breath of the problems at her school. The deprivation is so prevalent in this rural community that she estimates that fully two thirds of her students receive no food at home, relying on the schools’ breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack programs for sustenance. This equates to no dinner or food on the weekends for hundreds of her students.

“I learned that malnourished children are angry children. I had so many kids with discipline problems. Any little thing would set them off. At the end of every school day, I could count on a long line at my desk of children who had caused some kind of trouble during the day.”

Realizing that malnourishment was at the root of many of her students’ problems, Ms. Gardner excitedly applied to VRUSA when she learned that she could receive free vitamins for her students. Thanks to Tishcon Corp., Ruleville Elementary, like hundreds of other organizations, was granted a consistent supply of high quality chewable multivitamin/minerals for the children.

In 2003, each school day before lunch, the staff at Ruleville distributed vitamins to all the students. Many bottles of vitamins were given to the parents so the children could take vitamins at home. “The parents who didn’t want to comply, I challenged them,” said Ms. Gardner. “I told them to take the vitamins themselves – just double the dose - and they’d see for themselves how much good these vitamins can do.”

“Time and again, parents would come back to me with a story to tell– especially the parents who worked night shifts. They said they weren’t falling asleep at work anymore, that they had much more energy to care for their children. So now the parents were converts and their children’s lives at home became better.”

After three years of distributing the Tishcon donated vitamins to the students, the atmosphere at the school is totally different. Ruleville Elementary is no longer on probation. Many children who resisted doing their homework are now earning 100%’s on their tests and asking for more books to read.

Because the students are on task, Principal Gardner has more time on her hands. “It’s Friday afternoon and there’s no long line of troubled children at my desk. That in itself is amazing. Not only that, I finally have time to meet with my teachers twice a week. I never had time before! I’m also adding into the schedule my favorite thing to do at school - listen to my students read to me. Nothing gives me greater pleasure.”

In addition to Ruleville Elementary’s students, Tishcon Corp’s generosity helps Vitamin Relief USA supplement tens of thousands of other undernourished children including children with AIDS, abused children, impoverished children, foster children, homeless children, children in battered women shelters, Head Start children, children living on Indian reservations, children who survived hurricanes, floods, droughts and fires.

“No words can express the gratitude and deep respect that we hold for Raj Chopra, Vipin Patel and Arun Chopra of Tishcon Corp.” says Michael Morton VRUSA’s Executive Director. “Their extraordinary generosity improves the everyday moments of thousands of children whose lives are difficult, painful. What can be more noble?”

Vitamin Relief USA provides daily vitamins to nearly 28,000 at-risk children at over 300 sites in 31 states. It also provides daily multi-vitamins to over 3,300 low-income seniors and calcium to 14,000 seniors across the U.S. Vitamin Relief USA is a tax-exempt, non-profit committed to improving the health status of children, seniors and adults through vitamin supplementation. To support Vitamin Relief USA or for further information, please call 805-715-2693 or or visit

Tishcon Corp., founded in 1976, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of vitamins, related dietary and herbal supplements and private label non-prescription (OTC) pharmaceuticals. Some major products are Q-Gel® Forte, Q-Gel® Ultra, Q-Gel® Mega and the recently introduced Hydro soluble Chew Q® 30mg and 100mg chewable tablets and Liquid Q®.

A full service manufacturer, also specializes in technologies aimed at enhancing the bioavailability of nutraceuticals. Revolutionary technological developments include Bio Solv® – hydro soluble softgels, which enable quick and optimum absorption of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts.

Tishcon Corp. is registered with the U.S. FDA, NY State Board of Pharmacy, and is GMP Certified by the NNFA.


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